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Lange Photographics specializes in quality school portraits.  With a wide variety of background options, we add excitement to your schoolís portrait program.  Students and parents will appreciate your selection of Lange Photographics as your school portrait photographer.

We guarantee the speed and efficiency of our operation, causing as little disruption to a school day as possible.  We utilize state of the art equipment and photographic procedures.  With our computerized capture methods, we can view the studentís portrait immediately after the photo is taken.  This results in fewer retakes and happier parents.

As a school administrator, you will benefit from our in house laboratory.  Portrait packages will be delivered 7-10 days following photography.  School product needs such as CD ROMS and ID cards can be delivered to you the day after photographs are taken.

or call us at 1.800.338.9856
for more information.  

Enhance your portraits with our Name & Year or BorderPak

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                                                                                                     Basic              Name & Year        BorderPak 



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Emerald Sea

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