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The staff members at Lange Photographics are experts at providing an organized photography day for your athletic league or school sports photos.  We can provide the personnel for a fully staffed photo shoot, with the ability to photograph your league in a very efficient manner.  Multiple camera stations allow us to photograph a large number of teams and individuals in a short amount of time.

We have a variety of programs available, allowing your league to promote the photography as a fund raising program.  Let us tell you how...

With our in house laboratory, we are able to deliver finished photo packages in a matter of days.  Photo packages can be mailed to the homes of your participants, eliminating the delivery hassles for your coaches.

With our expert computer technology and our "green-screen" techniques, we can photograph your league indoors and place them on your outdoor soccer field, baseball diamonds, etc.  Never again, will you need to reschedule your photos due to inclement weather.

Our computerized technology also allows us to provide a large variety of personalized photo products, including trading cards, magazine covers, calendars, etc.

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