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Memory Books

Provide your students with a custom designed, professionally prepared yearbook! 


Students of all ages, elementary through middle school, will enjoy a Lange Photographics  Memory book. The professionally printed books feature pictures of each student and photos of special in-school activities. A Lange Photographics Memory book, custom-designed for your school, is one of the most special keepsakes you can give your students.

A minimal amount of work is required  to design a book that will be very special!

Let our staff do ALL of the work in preparing your memory book.  We will photograph all of your groups, activities, classrooms, special staff, etc.  We build your classroom panel pages and activity pages and do all of the layout work for you.  You will simply proof read the book after we have put it together for you.  

* No pasting pictures on layout boards

* Professionally typeset copy

* Enlarging or reducing available on all pictures.

* Classroom panel pages available in your choice of several different formats.


2009-2010 Cover Options

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Samples of Staff & Classroom pages

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Samples of Collage pages

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