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With our Green-Screen technology, we can photograph your league in any available indoor location such as a school gymnasium, classroom, firehouse, racquetball court, etc. and place your teams and players on a soccer field, basketball court, baseball diamond, etc.  You will never have to reschedule your photo session because of inclement weather.

greenscreen before group.jpg (73647 bytes)    greenscreen after group.jpg (101989 bytes)

                                       Before                                   After


basketball tc before ind 4.jpg (50287 bytes)        basketball tc ind 4.jpg (91497 bytes)        bb designer mate.jpg (108847 bytes)



GS soccer grp before.jpg (76525 bytes)    GS soccer grp after.jpg (118604 bytes)

                                        Before                                  After


soccer before ind 3.jpg (50252 bytes)        soccer GS finish 3.jpg (98748 bytes)        soccer mag.jpg (141505 bytes)


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