Class Composites

Your child will be individually featured on their  composite.

Our classroom composites are delivered with student names under the student's photo.  This is a standard feature provided at no additional charge. 

A staff composite is provided for every staff member at your school - Free! and principal's will receive a principal's album with all classes featured.

Composites are produced after retake pictures are taken.  In this way, if a student is absent on original picture day, they will still be pictured with their class.

Click on the images below to see a full size version of our staff & class composites.


S103067.jpg (1162779 bytes)                 s103069.jpg (1057757 bytes)

Miss Grime103065.jpg (1558034 bytes)                 Mr_ Steketee103070.jpg (1408878 bytes)                 Mrs_ Eshleman103063.jpg (1618092 bytes)